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03 August 2017
While summer is in full swing, September is just around the corner. Here`s a handy list of educational websites for when school rolls around. Bookmark it for later, if you don`t want to think about that just yet.
All of these can be accessed through your library card.


Access millions of primary source digital documents from institutions all over the world. All you need is to be located in Alberta and have internet. You can download or stream documents on a wide variety of topics from decades or centuries ago!

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                   Search a collection of over 8,000 biographies of noteworthy Canadians!

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Get access to full-text historical documents with a Canadian focus! Search for something specific, by subject or ask for a random document. Document formats include books, magazines and government documents.

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Search through millions of documents on nearly every topic imaginable! Try searching one specific database, a handful, or all of them! Many databases are updated daily to ensure you get the most recent information out there.

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There's three different Explora sites so find the one that best suites your needs! Search for someone or something in Explora: Canada, Explora: Primary, or Explora: Educator's Edition.
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Access the federal collection of documents focused on Canada. Documents span the entire history of the country and the collection has materials in a variety of formats.
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Access thousands of training videos to improve your skills of a software, find out what certain careers entail, or learn about a variety of STEAM skills.
Coming soon to your library!


Whether you're learning foreign languages or trying to improve your native language, Mango has courses for you. This can be a great way to get extra help or a handy tool to take with you on vacations.
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Try using NoveList Plus (no age restrictions) or NoveList K-8 (kid-friendly version). Get recommendation for books, premade book lists, question packages, reading lists and curriculum information!
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To ensure every student in Alberta has access to the same eResources, all students and teachers have a login to access the Online Reference Centre! Find resources available in a variety of languages on lots of subjects. A great tool for homework help!
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Technology advances so quickly that it's nearly impossible to stay up to date. Try TechBoomers to get tutorials and guidance on how to use a variety of websites and resources. From social media to shopping to basic internet safety, they've got you covered.
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Whether you're learning a foreign language, trying to improve your native language, or looking to learn a language belonging to some indigenous communities within Canada, Transparent Languages has a course for you. Stream or download units and take them with you on the go!
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There are 7 World Book sites available to you with your library card! There is one for every stage of learning. Use them for games, finding out about animals and places, science experiments, research, and creating. Start with World Book: Early World of Learning and progress to World Book: Advanced.
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