Genealogy/ History Links

Genealogy Databases
RISE Genealogy webpage links (contains many Alberta genealogy databses - the perfect starting point for your research)
A subscription-based online genealogical research service providing access to census, vital statistics, and more to help in family history research.
Our Future, Our Past
For all those interested in Alberta's history, this free not-for-profit site offers online access to cultural and heritage materials. Read a turn of the century newspaper, research legal documents, etc.
Alberta Local History Book
The primary purpose and function of this website is to connect people so that they can help each other and share genealogical research.
Nova Scotia "Routes to your Roots"
Nova Scotia's online aid to finding ancestors.
That's my family website - Quebec
Quebec website focused on tracing family history.
City of Vancouver Ancestors
Investigate your West Coast family history
Please note: Hinton Archives does not generally have birth, death or marriage certificates. Those are available through provincial Vital Statistics offices.
History links
Archives Network of Alberta
Use this link to search over 10,000 descriptions of archival records held in Alberta Archives: