A Thanks to You

Since the fire, there has been an out pouring of love and support from people and communities across the country and throughout the world. There are truly no words to express the thanks that we feel towards each and every one of you, for not only the material donations, but for the thoughts and prayers that you have sent our way. We are happy to say that our collection is well on its way to being complete, and there is still a vast amount of books we need to process.


A Video From Paul Brandt...

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The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library Donor Recognition Wall
was conceived to acknowledge the support and dedication of those who were instrumental in laying the foundation for the initial construction and subsequent rebuild of the Library.  Donor Support is recognized by the library by the addition of a sponsor plaque on our Donor Recognition Wall.
Bronze Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor
$10000 +

Artist Janet Cole designed the metal sculpture below that was decorated with leaves individualy designed by libraries across Alberta to recognize The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library's reopening and resiliance to rebuild after the fire of May 2011.

  In remembrance of Gordon Topps "Leader Lion" August 1944 - July 2014
President of the Athabasca Lions Club
Gordie was insturmental in raising funds for our Lions Den. He will be greatly missed and the Slave Lake Library will always remember him.

Gordie wanted to have a stuffed Lion for our Lions Den and we have finally added Roary to our family.