What's Happening in the Library - April

26 March 2019
It looks like spring is finally upon us and we're celebrating that here at the library! Especially since we've got the Easter Bunny dropping by on April 13th for pictures! We've also got storytimes and lego days and a superhero themed set of afternoon movies! We hope that you'll drop by even though it's warming up outside!

What's Happening the Library - March

27 February 2019
It's hard to believe that we've already made it to March, and hopefully it comes in like a lamb. But whatever the weather, the library is still a good place to be and we've always got lots going on. Our usual events like the Afternoon Movie on Monday afternoons (we have a Pokemon theme this month, and how about those new games? Who's excited for Sword and Shield?), Tuesday Storytimes, and Lego Day on Friday are up and running. And our After School Club is still going strong, though please note we won't be having it during the last week of March because of Spring Break.

We hope to see you there!

What's Happening the Library - February

04 February 2019

Welcome to February! We hope everyone is staying warm through this cold snap. Thankfully we've got lots going on the library if you ever want to brave the cold for something to snuggle up. Speaking of which, our Blind Date with a Book event is going on for the month. Take a chance with one of our wrapped books, and see what you get. Once you're done, let us know what you thought and you could be entered into a draw.

And as always, we have After School Club, Afternoon movies, Storytime, and Lego day running as well.

What's Happening the Library - January

02 January 2019
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019!
It's a brand new year at the library but our programming is holding steady. We'll still have Storytimes on Tuesday and After School Club will start back up on January 8th!
Join us on January 25th for Read for Fifteen! If you spend 15 minutes reading that day, let us know and you'll be entered into a draw to win a $50 gift card!

What's Happening the Library - December

28 November 2018

Somehow it's happened! We've made it to the end of the year and the holidays are right around the corner. We hope everyone is keeping warm and the library is the perfect place to come out of the cold! Our regular programming is still happening throughout the month and on the 16th, we're getting a special visit from Santa Claus for some pictures!

Please note that the library will be closed from the 24th to the 26th. As well, there will be no After School Club during that week. After School Club will resume on January 8th.

We wish you all the best in this holiday season and a bright new year!