History of the Library

A Brief History of the Library and it's Board.

The Slave Lake Library Board was formed in 1972 after several community members came together with a dream for a library in Slave Lake. In 1974, this became a reality, and the library shared space in Roland Michener High School's library. The first Librarian was Evelyn Leitch and the very first patron was Stella Boisvert.

In 1981, the library moved out of the school into its own location above what is now The Brick. Another move followed in 1985, where it took up residence next to the Town building, with 4000 square feet of space.

In 1998, the Town of Slave Lake and the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River #124 came together to form a joint library board, which oversees the Slave Lake library, and also the community libraries of Smith and Flatbush. In 1999, these library became a part of Peace Library System.

Fundraising started in 2007 to build a bigger library which was attached to the new Government Centre and Town offices. This centre is a hub for the community and is in a convenient location so the library is easily accessible to everyone. The new building opened in December 2009.

During the fire of May 2011, the Town offices and library were destroyed. The library took up temporary residence in the Lakeside Office Building until the reconstruction was completed. It officially reopened it's doors in June 2013 and continues to operate from the town buildings today.

We have been truly grateful for all the support that was given to us during the fire and onward through the rebuilding efforts.

The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library Donor Recognition Wall

The Wall was conceived to acknowledge the support and dedication of those who were instrumental in laying the foundation for the initial construction and subsequent rebuild of the Library.  Donor Support is recognized by the library by the addition of a sponsor plaque on our Donor Recognition Wall.

Bronze Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor
$10000 +