Our Program/Outreach Coordinator provides more programming than what you may see on our library calendar. Here are some of the other things you may see her doing in the community.

Inter-agency Meetings

Keeping up, and partnering with other organizations helps keep our community strong so our Program/Outreach coordinator attends a monthly inter-agency meeting to learn about the events going on in our community and also to promote our library.

Vanderwell Lodge Senior Services

Our library has partnered with Vanderwell Heritage Place (a seniors housing facility) in order to serve their residents library needs better. The Program/Outreach Coordinator can take books and other materials there monthly, and may also provide the seniors with a free library card and hands on help with the various apps you can use with a library card.  The library also offers craft kits for the seniors to enjoy. 

And Much More...

Along with the regular outreach mentioned above, our Program/Outreach Coordinator strives to make sure that the library is a strong and active presence in the community.  You may also spot her (or other library staff) at community events such as the annual Children's festival, Riverboat Daze Parade, local Trade Show or visiting the schools to promote upcoming reading programs!