Toy Library


Play is important in stimulating the mental, emotional and physical development of children. The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library created the toy library to encourage this development for children.

By playing with toys, children interact with objects and people, apply creative thinking, develop confidence, solve problems, and build physical skills.

The toy library will allow parents to help in their children’s develop with a free and easy way to find educational toys.

Your children can benefit and play with new toys without having to buy each toy for your home.

The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library is committed to developing children’s literacy through stimulating educational play activities.
Policies and Procedures

  • Toys are for home use only.
  • Toys may be borrowed by patrons who are registered with the toy library and have a valid library card.
  • You may borrow 1 toy at a time for 3 weeks.
  • If toys are returned damaged or with pieces missing, the patron is responsible for paying the replacement cost.
  • There will be a $3 charge for a lost media bag and $5 for a lost piece. If the toy is damaged or can’t be used without the missing piece the patron with be charged the full price of the toy.
  • Toys cannot be requested online or placed on hold.
  • Toys must be returned to the circulation desk. Please do not put toys in the book drop.
  • Returned toys are counted, washed, disinfected and recounted by staff to ensure toys have all the pieces and are safe for the next patron.
  • Please remove the security strap at home. There will be no charge for cutting the security strap. Patrons can request straps to be cut at the library and pieces recounted to ensure all pieces are with the toy.